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20 years on bikes

We have lived in the mountains since we were little. Among all sports, it is the fun of mountain biking that gives us the most adrenaline combined with fun. The harder the better, the further you jump the fun it gets. As long as you feel the same every time you are in the mountains on a bike then you will be satisfied with our products. They are not created by the marketing division, we do not profile users…. We are looking for everything in the market that we cyclists lack. We give you quality products which are designed by cyclists for cyclists.

You can read more about the company’s history on the RedBull website LINK



As of 2020, TYGU uses either partially or fully recycled polyester. One of the most popular materials for sportswear.

The polyester we deal with in clothing stores is actually polyethylene terephthalate, which is made from petroleum, or PET for short. That is, the material that is also used to make plastic bottles and film, among other things. Its production is highly harmful to the environment, emitting toxic fumes, including carbon dioxide, into the atmosphere. In contrast, recycled polyester (or rPET) fibers are sourced from recycled plastic PET bottles to make clothes. The advantage of recycled polyester is that a non-biodegradable material is used, and if it were not used, it would simply be dumped in a landfill, littering the planet for centuries to come.


Marcin “Tasman” Pałka

King of life, busy and friendly character that everyone knows in the cycling community!

On the route fast as a razor, cups fall into the hands by themselves and for the evening the perfect companion!

Marcin Motyka

A talented, uncompromising player. Legendary calf and a terror on enduro trails in Poland. Not many riders are so determined to train consistently.

Michał Topór

Road, XC, Enduro or downhill? To choose. The biggest revelation of the mountain biking scene in recent years.
In vain to look for a more versatile player!


Teams, influencers and potential business partners are welcome to join. Just send an inquiry through the contact page and we will respond as soon as possible.

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